Is This Revolution?

Is there a distance

Between here and now?

A space

A moment

Time lost in a movement

With more obsessions

More useless possessions

Clouding judgment

Obscuring light

Wasting away

Instead of fighting the good fight

A jolt to the system

Run into the streets

Electrified by knowledge

Radicalized by wisdom

The distance between

Here and now

Is no longer

Now and then


Is this revolution?

A dream or illusion

Human evolution

In a state of confusion

Is this all we know?


Is this revolution?

A real-time illusion

Troubled evolution

Man a wait the solution

Is this all we know?


From the east

To west

From the black

To the gold

From a system

To religion

City rises

From a crisis

And the ash

To the cash

To money

And the millions

To minions

Show resilience

I’m a rebel

Like the devil

We’re the future

We’re the science




Tell a nation

Bout the facts

To the tax

Im’ll scratch

My name

To a wall

Till the brickwork

A’ fall

You’ll crawl

‘Pon your knees

You a beg

People please


From the drugs

To the fluids



Fire station


Kill sedation


From a dead zone

To a war zone

No fly zone

To the chromosomes

Gonna fly home

Tap the telephone

Of the cellular


Coming regular

From the secular

To the replicas

From the fist

To the flag

Stop your mind

Running mad

Cosmic master

Tell the world

‘Bout the future

That you’re after

From the east

To the west

Black and gold

Strapped in bold

Cross your chest




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