I live in the present day
The past I carry come what may
The future could be so much more
But this I know is not secure

The blessings I anoint to self
Are cast off by unstable health
That ebbs away the life I crave
Into an abstract misty haze

I tell myself it’s just for now
To lift this dark, malicious cloud
I’m kicking back against the tide
It’s nothing more to do with pride

Afflictions can’t be bargained with
Reasoned with, pleaded with
It wants you to release yourself
Relinquish all your sacred wealth

But I’m never gonna give you grace
I’ll stab you up in your fuckin face
These drugs and pills just modulate
And never lift the heavy weight
That presses on my super soul

You stole, you sold my every days
Uncertainty the king that reigns
And yeah, you never show yourself
Until I think I know myself

Then back and forth again we go
Just like some perverse metronome
My spirits up against a wall
I come out fighting 10ft tall

Yeah I hate to feel my hands are tied
Your finger up in my fuckin’ eye
So I delve in deep
To bring relief

You’re a stranger I refuse to host
The prophets say I must be close
To finding my respective way
The final words I have to say.


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