Tunnels of Turbulence

Wired up and marching

To the sound of static energy

Moving back and forth

Praying that time will mutate

Shattering the clinking glass

Standing between you and your future

Living inside an intense vortex of speed and desire

Where sexed up beats battle

With atmospheric pressures

Imprints fracture clarity

sending back memories of the future

All dressed up and looking so much better than before

The present is a luxury inside this hyperbole fiction

Travelling at warp speeds

heading towards a pre-programmed destination

Where no peace sign exists

Only cone shaped replicas

Scavenging on their knees

It’s exciting and enticing

But fraught with danger

If there’s a bug in the system

This could be the last journey you ever make

As hallucination becomes paranoia

And paranoia becomes real

Glimpses press against the skin

Sending signals or interpretations

Locked inside reverberations

Locked inside our inner vision

Locked inside our indecision


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