The Cure

Is there a cure?

For fear or fright

Is there a cure?

For screams of attention

A sudden apparition

Or an accidental schism

Living in your system through a hidden mechanism



Revealing anxiety

Caressing insecurity

Deeper than your enemy

Anger is energy

Suicide or remedy

Stifled memories coaxed back up to the surface

There’s no resistance

Now we can reveal the existence

Of co-existents

Feeding on the scars of your trauma

Some say “it’s ‘karma”

Sudden truth will strip away your body amour



Dreams and adversities

Love, loss, dependencies

Staring at your symmetry

Visions from a mystery

Coming back to punish me



Believing is everything

Skeletons wear my skin

Vital signs are promising

Defiance in the face of the scripted

Others predicted

Reaching out to touch you never knowing you existed

It’s like you’re waiting for a miracle to happen

It’s like you’re praying for the spiritual to happen

It’s like you’re waiting for a universal pattern


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