Was it the scent of a God?

Or the stench of a demon

In the air

She wondered as she wiped away the semen

From her hair

She felt scared

Her eyes fixed on the door

She never felt that she could be the woman she now saw

She needed someone to trust

Her life in suspense

Cause accidents can happen

In the throes of anal passion

Like contraction

Mute patterns

Map her darkest fears

It’s only fear that supersedes

The tears that now appear

So did she mean to cross the line?

Or just a game she play

With certainty she carried on

And now she has to pay

Or can she save herself

She prayed to Jah almighty

Only the cracks between her fingers

Saw his body move slightly

Wrong or rightly together

Frightened fugitives of pleasure

The swellings on her legs

Attest to when they tried to sever

Whether never is enough

She knew the promises they made

The promises they made

The countless promises they made

It’s too far-gone

Since the purging of desire

The only way to have your way

It now transpires

Is to kill or be killed

Then cover your tracks

With all sentiment gone

There’s nothing colder than the facts

Black, black, black thoughts

Frequent meetings were illicit

She wanted what he needed

Violation not diseases

Body freezes

Then teases

Acts of squalor and frenzy

There’s no envy

Or holding on to future past memories

It’s explicit

But this ya kind a thing them now prohibit

From the spillage

She hovered on his one last thought

His face taut and wretched

Weeping soars infected

In a breath

He summoned up a whisper in her ear

Saying something ‘bout the governance

Of sex, lies, fears

It’s now on every other corner

It’s now on every other corner

The promises she made

The promises she made

The countless promises she made

It’s now on every other corner


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