maybe there’s a miracle waiting to happen

in the PLACES and SPACES with the mystical patterns

where dark is light an the light is bright

it’s a struggle to maintain my appetite

in a time that’s filled with gluttonous failure

i’m at pains to express this ya devious behaviour

spend money


spend you very last dime

pon the things you will only ever leave behind

it’s a worrying time to lift you head out from the covers

with no obvious answers to the questions smothered

blinded by the fictions

of an audio addiction

takes the senses to a place of imperceptible conditions

who the raas is the sum of there parts

who should tell of this becoming hell

to think is the link between life an death

enter this body of sound an escape the mesh

as a child I was always happy go lucky

as a man I believe I’m just plain lucky

to be alive inside of this ya dangerous system

locked in and twisted out of all recognition

this is symptomatic of the things I‘ve seen

i am lost in paranoia’s most beautiful dream

an escape is made through a thousand doors

with a sub-bass emerging through the open floor

in a state of near paralyses restriction forms analysis

guided by subliminal that’s from another galaxy

mobilized and lifted by these powers I’ve been gifted

given answers to questions that never even existed


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