Neon Red Sign

He saw a neon red sign today

It said

“you’re gonna lose your mind today”


“the prophets they are running out of time today”

To save the light inside your soul

They put a hand on his shoulder and he’s asked to pray

He hears them speaking in a tongue from a distant day

Shivering, he feels the cold of yesterday

Why is everybody telling him to be this way?

But the prophets now operate in different ways

They’re taking liberties and rearranging words he say

They’re talking biblical and disappearing all his days

Hijacking minutes, from the hours, inna every day

There’s a war going on are we being deceived?

Like The Omega Man he’s living like he’s under siege

Pick up receivers we don’t know who to believe

Cause there’s a God on every corner who has underachieved


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