a temperature rise

before we reach the gates

suggest more than what we bargained for

a slick dark surface

with eyes that glint in the night

and curves that swerve with every shift in gear

an intense fever bawls and screams

as it burns you up from the inside

ahead is place where pleasure and pain collide

murder can happen on the steps of colonial residence

without a moments hesitance

the fact is

not one somebody is surprised

it’s just another day’s news

we only have ourselves to loose

the trials and tribulations

what a tribulation!

goes further than the relation between man and man

you see the territory is rough

and the fear


it is clear what has been done

no victories no defeat

just a burning chalice of deceit

no question of living

can be answered by begging

begin I say with the questions now emerging

why do you look ‘pon me in this fashion?

why do you stare without taking any action?

how can you throw away life in such a careless way?

what a whole heap a botheration we inna today

voices speak freely of the coming despair

that will lead to the destruction of the careless man

and leave nations impaired

according to the BROTHERS these hours are nearly upon us

is it true what you say

as you lick your tongue ‘pon honey lust?

you accept the rancid dollar without concession

just need

because them no live ya no mean them have to take everything for free

as day becomes night

so much of our space evaporates from sight

in this ya righteous place resistance holds tight


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