lately there’s been a serious rise in the pressure

a tension so visceral

we have to take serious measures

listen how the voices speak a merciless din

twisting the secrets

tomorrow will bring

through science

we find alliance to endure reality

creating blinding lights of fiction

as our only clarity

marked by the memories of a future past

it’s the beginning not the end

that we have to reach last

it’s a dangerous game

to flex with forces untamed

like trying to capture matter

for political gain

plan an escape

relate and penetrate

through the abstract secrets lying in wait

strange as it may seem but secrets never come clean

the levels are complex

the facts more extreme

dream lines multiply to an infinite point

twisting like a narrative

trying not to disappoint

you and me

feel the same under duress

take a glance over you shoulder bwoy

you might see what’s coming next


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