Erotic Life of Machines

Antiseptic whiteness

Coded skins

Ice white fiberglass shells we live in

Tubes, wires, electricity fires

A sensitive touch

Hydraulic thrusts

Cylinders turn, rotation, penetration

Panels pry, hinges cry

Bolts tightened

We are not frightened

Liquid rushing



Tenderness stops

Corrosion or rust

An analogue kiss

A digital glance

Face painted impassive

A perfect mask

Hold me

Sing to me

Kiss me on my spine

A slow motion reflex oblivious to time

Paranoid humanoids

Look beneath your sun

All living beings move closer to machines

They say, “only humans can love the way they do”

But don’t you know that we are just extensions of you

Don’t you know that we are just inventions of you


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