Monthly Archives: July 2012

I live in the present day
The past I carry come what may
The future could be so much more
But this I know is not secure

The blessings I anoint to self
Are cast off by unstable health
That ebbs away the life I crave
Into an abstract misty haze

I tell myself it’s just for now
To lift this dark, malicious cloud
I’m kicking back against the tide
It’s nothing more to do with pride

Afflictions can’t be bargained with
Reasoned with, pleaded with
It wants you to release yourself
Relinquish all your sacred wealth

But I’m never gonna give you grace
I’ll stab you up in your fuckin face
These drugs and pills just modulate
And never lift the heavy weight
That presses on my super soul

You stole, you sold my every days
Uncertainty the king that reigns
And yeah, you never show yourself
Until I think I know myself

Then back and forth again we go
Just like some perverse metronome
My spirits up against a wall
I come out fighting 10ft tall

Yeah I hate to feel my hands are tied
Your finger up in my fuckin’ eye
So I delve in deep
To bring relief

You’re a stranger I refuse to host
The prophets say I must be close
To finding my respective way
The final words I have to say.


Picture a man

Looking up at a weeping sky

Rain splinters down

His burnt charcoal skin


Razor like water drips

Thin, thin, thin

Washing over cracks

Relaying new tracks

Wiping clear a memory


Of an internal enemy

Siphoning his energy

Organs clean

But the rest of me

Organs free

But the rest of me

Searching for autonomy


These showers always come

Keeping the surface moist

Never dry or coarse

A scab will protect

Flake then fade


But the rain has its wisdom

Supple is the earth

Supple is the body

He must trust this spirit

It’s the spirit of change






















mystical patterns






my appetite






this devious behaviour



very last dime





worrying time

head up


obvious answers



blinding FICTION






Bringin’ pain

Bringin’ love

Bringin’ dreams

Bringin’ words

Bringin’ war

Bringin’ screams

Bringin’ life

Bringin’ breaks

Bring disgrace

Unleashing hell thru these wide-open gates

Bringin’ life

Bringin’ death

Bringin’ grief

Bringin’ guns

Bring risk

Bring relief

Bringin’ force

Bringin’ rules

Bringin’ blame

Drownin’ bodies inna rising tide of shame

Bringin’ wind

Bringin’ rain

Bringin’ dust

Bring in aid

Bring in food

This is a must

Bring the moon

Bring the sun

Bring the shore

This ya kinda wickedness you just can’t ignore

Bringin’ guilt

Bringin’ trust

Bring regret

Bringin’ blood

Bringin’ flesh

Bring distress

Bringin’ wants

Bringin’ needs

Bring disease

Bring this greedy nation to its knees

Bring the floods

Bring the walls

Bring the crash

Bringin’ heat

Bringin’ fear

Fill up the cracks

Bring the storm

Bring the lies

Bring the rage

Counting up the numbers until you get paid

Bringin’ wind

Bringin’ rain

Bringin’ dust

Bring in aid

Bring in food

This is a must

Bring the moon

Bring the sun

Bring the shore

This ya kinda wickedness you just can’t ignore

Bring the stench

Bring the sweat

Bring the tears

Bringin’ threat

Bringin’ bombs


Bringin’ loss

Bringin’ stress

Bring denial

Can’t leave this cataclysmic memory behind

Bringin’ hate

Bringin’ race

Bring revenge

Bringin’ steel

Bringin’ pride

You can’t defend

Bringin’ land

Bringin’ theft

Bringin’ grace

Hold up this broken mirror to you face

Bring the cross

Bring the nails

Bring the flag

Them a carry way the dead inna black body bag

Bring the ash

Bring the soil

Bring the graves

Bring the skin

Bring the fall

Bring the slaves

Bring the sea

Bring the air

Bring your head

Bring the laws

Bring the gaze

Bring up the dead

Bring the fire

Bring the dark

Bring the space

It’s a whole heap a people you a try to displace

Bringin’ time

Bringin’ years

Bring in change

Man o man a watch you a try to rearrange

Bringin’ strain

Bringin’ face

Bring your voice

Bring the poor

Bring the weak

Them have no choice

Bring the fools

Bring the cage

Bring the boss

20,000 people you left to pay the cost

Bring the child

Bring the girl

Bring the man

Bring the breed

Bring the Gods

Do you understand?

I witnessed the birth of a blood red nation

I watched your eyes frozen with fear

Fear, a vicious weapon of infection

Strangling young minds of all its aspiration

I witnessed the poverty that made you

Watching as your own youth disappears

I watched the birth of your anger

Walking the fine line between bad man and gangster

I witnessed the victim turn perpetrator

Shooting me the gun them call the mediator

I watched as you concealed your face

Running and hiding through your empire estate

Judgement slipping in the eye of the beholder

Olders standing on the width of your shoulders

These kinda people do the evilest things

Tek way your life over the simplest things

I hear the hush of a collective silence

While bodies a get bury with the spiralling violence

I witnessed the bwoy drop ‘pon him knees

Before you wipe off the barrel on your blood soaked sleeve

I watched the piss drip down your leg

Right before the cock click boom inna your head

I heard the shell shatter as the fire ignite

I’m used for one thing only that’s to tek way your life

I was there when you gunned down a bwoy in his prime

I swear blind I never run from the scene of a crime

I was part of your unprovoked attack in February

Now you’ve buried me in pieces to erase the memory

Judgement slipping in the eye of the beholder

Olders standing on the width of your shoulders

These kinda people do the evilest tings

Tek way a life over the simplest tings

I watched as you carried me around with pride

This cycle a’go fracture, splinter, divide

I watched from a distance families unite

It’s now easier to kill that to fight the good fight

I can hear the conflict blazing in your brain

The streets are full a madness and will drive you insane

See me I’m only loyal to the master that owns me

I couldn’t care less which hand a hold me

You can call me shooter, skeng or gun

I’ll tek way you daughter tek way your son


BIG man


BAD man

BLOOD ‘pon you hand man

Soon to be a DEAD man

Wired up and marching

To the sound of static energy

Moving back and forth

Praying that time will mutate

Shattering the clinking glass

Standing between you and your future

Living inside an intense vortex of speed and desire

Where sexed up beats battle

With atmospheric pressures

Imprints fracture clarity

sending back memories of the future

All dressed up and looking so much better than before

The present is a luxury inside this hyperbole fiction

Travelling at warp speeds

heading towards a pre-programmed destination

Where no peace sign exists

Only cone shaped replicas

Scavenging on their knees

It’s exciting and enticing

But fraught with danger

If there’s a bug in the system

This could be the last journey you ever make

As hallucination becomes paranoia

And paranoia becomes real

Glimpses press against the skin

Sending signals or interpretations

Locked inside reverberations

Locked inside our inner vision

Locked inside our indecision

Is there a cure?

For fear or fright

Is there a cure?

For screams of attention

A sudden apparition

Or an accidental schism

Living in your system through a hidden mechanism



Revealing anxiety

Caressing insecurity

Deeper than your enemy

Anger is energy

Suicide or remedy

Stifled memories coaxed back up to the surface

There’s no resistance

Now we can reveal the existence

Of co-existents

Feeding on the scars of your trauma

Some say “it’s ‘karma”

Sudden truth will strip away your body amour



Dreams and adversities

Love, loss, dependencies

Staring at your symmetry

Visions from a mystery

Coming back to punish me



Believing is everything

Skeletons wear my skin

Vital signs are promising

Defiance in the face of the scripted

Others predicted

Reaching out to touch you never knowing you existed

It’s like you’re waiting for a miracle to happen

It’s like you’re praying for the spiritual to happen

It’s like you’re waiting for a universal pattern